Past Trainings

The Annual National Shura & In-Service Training for Chaplains, Imams & Other Service Providers to the Muslim Community organized by the Association of Muslim Chaplains in partnership with the Islamic Seminary Foundation and the Muslim Endorsement Council of Conneticut brings together a talented and knowledgeable group of brothers and sisters annually in New Haven to learn from each other.  Here you can find the programs and speaker biographies from previous gatherings. If you have ideas for future program offerings please contact us.

Shura Program 2017

Shura Program 2016

Shura Program 2015

Shura Program 2014 (coming soon insha’Allah)

Shura Program 2013

Shura Program 2012

Shura Program 2011


Chaplain Rafael Lantigua speaks to Military chaplaincy at the 2016 Shura during a session on best practices

Chaplain Rafael Lantigua spoke to military chaplaincy during a session on best practices

Sisters gathered following a session dedicated to the challenges and opportunities unique to Muslim women's chaplaincy experiences

Muslimah chaplains and 2016 Shura visitors posed after a session addressing the unique experiences of female chaplains

Chaplains reflected on the history of chaplaincy in the corrections systems at the 2016 ShuraChaplains reflected on the history of Islamic chaplaincy in the corrections systems during the 2016 Shura